Welcome to Berlin Marzahn-Hellersdorf. Below are some tips for you to help you find your way around.


Do you have some questions about getting asylum? What rights do refugees have in Germany? Would you like to contact a lawyer? There are many people who can help refugees and answer your questions:

Information about asylum in Germany: welcome2germany

KUB, Advise and Consultation service in Berlin: http://www.kub-berlin.org/ 030 69568339

ProAsyl, Advise and Consultation service: +49 69 24 23 14 20 (Mo-Fr: 10.00-12.00 und 14.00-16.00)

These groups are taking an active role in supporting refugees in Marzahn-Hellersdorf. They are also available to answer any of your questions such as finding a flat, an internetcafé or for learning german.

Grenzen_weg: facebook.com/grenzenweg

Welcome to Marzahn: facebook.com/willkommen.in.marzahn

Hellersdorf Hilft: facebook.com/Hellersdorfhilft



Here in Marzahn, there are nazis and also racists. They regulary organise racist demonstrations and actions against refugees. They appear with German and Berlin flags. There is a repeated threats and violent attacks on the streets and in public transport. But there are also many people who stand against the nazis and organize demonstrations in solidarity with refugees.

Current Information to this:

Twitter: #mahe


If you, your friends or your family are threatened:

  • inform the social workers
  • speak to security-officers
  • call the police (110)

After such an incident you can contact ReachOut. They offer support and advice if you had to experience racist threats and violence.

http://www.reachoutberlin.de/index.php Telephone: 030/ 695 68 339

If you have experienced racist and extreme right-wing violence, you can ask opra-gewalt.de for psychological counseling. Phone: 030/92 21 82 41

Both helpdesks have the same address: Oranienstr. 159, Berlin-Kreuzberg. The people working there can also meet you at a different place. Their counseling is free of charge.